Fashion Images

Fashion Images has since 2001 been a showcase for commercial projects and photography from the work of Svein Bringsdal and his crew. Fashion, Ads, campaigns, films, exhibitions, magazines and PR are some examples of the 

projects we have been involved in.

We are on our very best when we photograph people. We love to work with people and this is why our clients use our expertise over and over again. People skills, reliable results and long experience makes us a safe choise in a marked where high end clients can't take any chances with their production.

Some clients:

Dale of Norway/Skilandslaget, Chanel, Steen & Strøm, Hydro, Statoil, Loreal, DNB, Postbanken, Lene V, Epson, Toro, Norges Handelshøyskole, Hennig Olsen is, Panasonic, Mc Donald, Vital, Tryg, Enter forsikring, Grieg Group, Frende, Tide, Utdanningsdepartementet, Riber & Son, Fædrelandsvennen, DN, Tv2, Tv Norge, Bergens Tidende, Odfjell drilling, Odfjell Shipping, Start toppfotball, Brann, Kari Trå As, Bula, Kluge advokatfirma, Mølleren, Safari, Noroff, G-sport, Marin Harvest m.fl.


Paris, London, Milan, New York, Barcelona, Praha, Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Stockholm, København, Reykjavik, Oslo, Bergen and many more. We have contacts all over the world to help us with your production. 

Workshops and mentoring: 

We arrange workshops in fashion photography. Founder Svein Bringsdal has a lot of experience from the fashion industry. From working as a fashion photographer in Milan, traveling the world as a fashion photographer to publishing his own fashion magazine (SVA magazine), his experience can inspire both skilled and beginners in fashion photography. You will work on location and in a studio with professional models. The workshop will cover lightning for fashion, planning the shoot, choosing your team, and how to work with the models. Svein will give you inside information on how to succeed from his knowledge both as a fashion photographer and as a  editor of a fashion magazine. This is a opportunity to cut some serious corners in your carrier. We can also offer one to one personal mentoring for new photographers that want to break in to the fashion industry. Please contact us for more info.

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